Mindful Movement

Mindful movement happens when the mind, the body and the breath work in harmony throughout each movement. This is the essence of the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga that I predominantly teach. Each pose is linked together to create a moving meditation with the ultimate purpose being to still the fluctuations of the mind, to develop a greater awareness of self.

The poses can be physically and mentally challenging. But by allowing the breath to guide us through the discomfort, we can find a calming inner peace both on and off the mat. 

In my yoga classes I challenge you to look inwards, question the limitations you place on yourself and find a place of steadiness and ease.

Mobility & Flexibility

We all sit for far too long these days. We also spend too long hunched over our phones and other electronic devices. All of this sitting and hunching  leads to issues such as tight hips, stiff neck and poor posture. The freedom to move our bodies as nature intended is a gift and the ill effects of modern living can be reversed with hard work and dedication, allowing you to stop feeling old in your body and  live life more comfortably.

Through the practice of Gravity Yoga® you can reverse these effects. I know, I’ve done it. Once I added Gravity Yoga® to my practice sitting cross legged in meditation became a daily reality rather than an unachievable dream . As a certified Gravity Yoga®teacher I can help you increase your mobility and flexibility too!

Touching your toes or sitting cross legged should not be a distant dream of childhood. You don’t have to resign yourself to feeling like the tin man (or woman!) for the rest of your life.

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