The Yoga Den Podcast

If you’ve got this far through the website and you can relate to my story, then The Yoga Den Podcast was made for you! 

Each week I’ll be sitting down with a variety of guests and asking them to share their stories and pearls of wisdom to help you figure out if where you are is where you want to be and if where you’re heading is where you want to go.

Guests will include yoga teachers, life coaches, fitness professionals and anyone with an interesting story to tell about changing their mindset and life in pursuit of their purpose. 

You’ll also hear more about my story from BigLaw lawyer to BigLaw dropout and how yoga transformed my mindset and my life.

We often know what we should do but it can take hearing someone else’s story to believe we can do it too. So if you’re ready to think big, challenge expectations and embrace the unknown in pursuit of the life you want to live, tune in to The Yoga Den Podcast every Tuesday.

I won’t find your purpose for you, but I’ll help you plan the route. 

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