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Flow In Fifteen 

Are you a stressed-out cog in a corporate wheel?

As a former BigLaw lawyer, I know that sitting too long at a desk, staring too long at a screen, and stressing about things over which you have no control, are just a few of the things that can have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical well-being. If you can relate, then my free video and e-book, Flow In Fifteen, was made for you!

This 15-minute yoga flow will awaken your body and mind,  leaving you primed and ready to kick-start your day. Suitable for both beginners and regular practitioners, Flow In Fifteen is especially ideal for time-poor, stressed-out lawyers and corporate executives that want to think clearer, move freer and sleep deeper.

No matter how busy we get, we can all spare 15 minutes a day for our wellbeing, right?

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About me

From BigLaw Lawyer to BigLaw Dropout

Hi, I’m Ryan, an ex-BigLaw lawyer turned yoga teacher. 

Through yoga I help stressed-out, time-poor lawyers and corporate executives think big, challenge expectations and embrace the unknown. By guiding you along the road to reclaiming your physical & mental wellbeing I help you achieve the clarity of mind necessary to live a life of intention and follow your purpose.

Yoga changed my mindset and my life. And I want to share how yoga can do that for you too, both on and off the mat. My classes will challenge you physically and mentally while simultaneously leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated as I lead you through dynamic sequences designed to free the body and the mind from the tension and chaos around you.

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Be inspired to challenge expectations, think big and embrace the unknown.

Think clear, move free, sleep deep

What my students say

Being a cyclist, my quads and groin area have always been very tight.

Since practicing yoga with Ryan, my body has clearly benefitted from the stretch and have noticed a marked improvement in mobility and performance on the bike.

Ryan exudes calm and he keeps his practice simple and provides variations to suit you on that day.

I highly recommend his classes; it’s the best way to start the day.

Tania Elizabeth Murphy


I do a class with Ryan each Monday which mentally and physically prepares for my busy working week. 

It reminds me to be present with myself and to abide in that which is steady and comfortable.

Matthew F.

Commercial Partnerships Manager

I am a beginner at yoga and I have found Ryan’s classes really amazing!

I am able to sleep better at night and quiet my mind at the end of the day.

Ryan is such a lovely teacher so calm, encouraging, patient, and inclusive.

Thank you, Ryan.

Michelle H.

Executive Assistant

Ryan’s a caring yoga instructor who observes and corrects your posture and flow, and gives you alternatives depending on strength and ability (especially when coming in after injuries).

He creates a safe space by sharing examples of his own personal yoga journey, and the importance of mind-body connectivity.

His classes are both calming and energising, giving you a nice work-out feeling, which I really enjoy. I come out of the classes feeling clearer, more mindful and much more flexible. Especially great after many hours sitting at my desk job. Would recommend his classes to anyone!

Müge N.

Sales Manager

Being a time-poor mum with a demanding executive job I am always mindful of spending valuable ‘me time’ in the absolute right way.

I really enjoy the intensity of Ryan’s yoga classes as I feel I haven’t missed out on a ‘workout’.

There is a nice balance between mindful yoga and building muscle strength.

I highly recommend him.

Terri F.

Human Resources Manager

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